Are you looking for a pear tomato that rivals the sweet flavor and low acidity of Italy’s best tomato products? If so, then the San Benito Whole Peeled Pear tomato is the product you’ve been searching for. This low sodium tomato product is filled with natural flavors from the freshest tomatoes of the San Joaquin Valley, and it’s 100 percent GMO-free.

Video Transcripts

Hi, I’m Maddie from the Neil Jones Food Company. Today, I would like to talk to you about the San Benito Whole Peeled Pear Tomato, in juice, with basil. This is a San Marzano-style tomato, resembling very closely the product coming out of San Marzano, Italy at the base of Mt. Vesuvius.

The rich, volcanic soil creates sweet flavor and low acidity. Similarly, our San Benito pear tomatoes with basil contain only fresh-packed tomatoes, basil leaves actually packed by hand in each can, tomato juice and a pinch of salt.

We source from the finest growers in the San Joaquin Valley at the peak of ripeness, and pack this product within 4 to 8 hours off the vine. This product contains no calcium chlorate, resulting in a softer, sweeter tasting product.

Strikingly similar to the best imported product from Italy. This product is low in sodium and is used by chefs creating dishes that are looking to duplicate that authentic, sweet, natural tomato flavor of the past.

These San Benito pear tomatoes are kosher, GMO-free and allergen-free. And because they are of such exceptional, natural flavor, very little has to be done to them when preparing your signature sauce recipes. San Benito: canning the finest, California fresh-packed products since 1915.