Hand picked in California using strictest quality standards, the Cuore del Sol is made with the finest pear tomatoes in the industry. These unpeeled tomatoes are grounded with the skin still attached to create a coarse texture that works well as a base for pizza sauces. With a deliciously sweet flavor and GMO-free standards, the Cuore del Sol is a favorite among artisan-style pizza chefs.

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Maddie from the Neil Jones Food Company. Today, I want to talk to you about the San Benito, Coure del Sole ground, unpeeled tomatoes and puree. Our item number 27722.

This product is a favorite in the pizza industry, and the preferred sauce base for artisan-style pizza sauces. It is made from California pear tomatoes, tomato puree and salt. When we first produced this product, the bright red color stood out so much that we named it coure del sole, which
in Italian means “heart of the sun.”

The tomatoes are ground with the skin still attached. This give the product the appearance of a homemade sauce. Additionally, the skin contains pectin, which adds thickness to the texture.

The coarse texture is preferred by many chefs and customers alike. It is also low in sodium. This product is kosher, GMO-free and allergen-free.

Neil Jones is also proud to pack its sister product, San Benito Perfecto, also a ground product with the same sweet flavor, without the tomato skin. Either choice will help position your pizza offerings as best-in-class. San Benito: canning the finest, California, fresh-packed products since 1915.