Buy A Case, Earn A Bundle

We are proud to be a sponsor of Foodservice Rewards®.

Our partnership with Foodservice Rewards® allows you to earn points when you purchase participating products, or products from other participating manufacturers.  Redeem these points for great items to use however you want – motivate and reward your employees, drive customer traffic, get that new piece of equipment or reward yourself!  Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE for you to use.

Each time you purchase an eligible product you’ll find a yellow label with a unique Reward Code on the case.  Simply register at to redeem the code and start earning points.

Note: The expiration date on the FSR sticker is the expiration for the redemption value only, not the product. All of our tomato and fruit products are packed with a 36 month shelf life.

Participating Old California™ products:

Product Item Number
Whole Peeled Tomatoes 1415000645
3/4″ Diced Tomatoes 1445000645
California Dreaming Chopped Tomatoes in Light Puree 1455400645
Salsa Ready Tomatoes 1475300645
Marbella Ground Tomatoes in Heavy Puree 1485400645
Extra Heavy Concentrated Crushed Tomatoes 3410400645
Heavy Tomato Puree 5425400645
Riviera Red Super Heavy Pizza Sauce with Basil 3445400645
Fully Prepared Pizza Sauce with Oil & Spices 3447400645
Marinara Sauce 7420400645
Fancy Tomato Sauce 7410400645
Fancy Tomato Paste 4425400645


Participating San Benito™ products:

Product Item Number
Diciotto Mega Yield Pizza Sauce w/ Basil 3765200789
Diciotto Mega Yield Concentrated Crushed Tomatoes 3707800789
Mission’s Best Preferred Pear Tomatoes in Heavy Juice with Basil 2717010554
Cuore Del Sole Unpeeled Ground Tomatoes w/ Heavy Puree 2772200789
Pear Strips in Puree 2755800789
Fancy Marinara Sauce 7717700789

Visit for a complete list of eligible products or to learn more.