Important Update for Additional Service and Standards Fees Effective October 1, 2013 

Standard Charges for Assessorial Services

Services Pricing Per Application (including but not limited to)
Case Picking $0.45 Case

Less than full pallet quantities per SKU ordered (56cans-60 Pouches)

Restocking Fee Returns $3.00 Case

Product being returned with RMA (Pre-Approved)

Order Cancellation Fee $0.50 Case

Order cancelled after staged for shipping at our FDC/Plant

Cross Dock Cancellation $0.75 Case

Cross Dock orders cancelled after shipment (Pre-Approved)

Load Rework $250.00 Request

Customer carrier requests reload due to improper equipment

Miscellaneous Labor $65.00 Hour – 1 hr min.

Special requirements outside normal shipping practices

Rush Fee $125.00 Order

Orders requested for pick up outside of normal lead times

Overtime $150.00 Hour – 1 hr min.

Orders requiring an FDC or Plant to stay open past normal hours

Slip Sheeted Load $75.00 Order

Product floor loaded without pallets


NJFC Pallet Exchange Policy

All sales based on a pallet exchange basis require that your carrier must have pallets, Com-Check, T-Check, or the customer must submit a revised purchase order at the time of pick-up*. The Neil Jones Food Company facilities and warehousing partners will not release product to the carriers without one of these requirements being fulfilled. The pallets that are being exchanged must meet a minimum of GMA pallet specifications and be in good condition. We reserve the right to reject pallets that do not meet our criteria. Customers exchanging pallets with our Vancouver, BC or our Montreal, QC facility must exchange CPC Pallets. The Neil Jones Food Company will not be responsible for any freight or detention charges related to failure to comply with this policy.

*Customers that do not honor pallet charges on revised POs will be required to pay at time of pick up if pallets are not exchanged. Product will not be released to the carrier until this condition is met.


Pallet Pricing

All US Facilities and Forward Distribution Centers – $7.75 per Pallet

Vancouver, BC and Montreal, QC – $25.00 per Pallet

Heat Treated – $15.00 per Pallet

Cannery Boards – $25.00 per Pallet

This update will help both The Neil Jones Food Company and our valued customers to control costs, re-billing, and deductions. Please notify your carriers and dispatchers of this policy to ensure we prevent any potential issues.


We appreciate your business and support,

Tammy Crabtree

The Neil Jones Food Company

Office: 1-800-543-4356 ext. 1224

Fax: 360-906-4325