We at Neil Jones Food Company strive to uphold the strictest ethical standards in our dealings with Customers, Suppliers and our internal co-workers. As current or potential stakeholders in our business, we expect our suppliers to adopt, maintain and enforce these same standards.

Our employees are bound by a code of conduct that precludes them from:

  1. Accepting Gifts, Bribes, Rewards, Personal Incentives, Etc.
  2. Engaging in undisclosed business dealings where conflicts of interest exist.
  3. Using false representations in business dealings.
  4. Not giving the same opportunity and consideration to all suppliers.
  5. Agreeing to commitments without written documentation.
  6. Not reporting questionable dealings done by others.
  7. Disclosing proprietary information about the company or its suppliers.
  8. Discriminating on the basis of anything but overall value to the company.

As a current or potential supplier you are expected to uphold the same ethical standards. Failure to conduct business in such a manner will lead to exclusion or removal from the Neil Jones Food Company approved supplier list.

Suppliers as Partners

The competitive nature of business today requires continuous improvement on all fronts. You will notice that we use the term supplier and not vendor. In our opinion vendors are transaction based relationships that are defined by invoice cost and order accuracy. In contrast, Suppliers are dynamic partners who create value throughout the supply chain and seek to achieve sustainable, win-win solutions. We seek to partner with those suppliers who can assist and challenge us to seek efficiencies throughout the supply chain. This includes continuous improvement in the areas of joint product development, specification changes, ordering, shipping, standardization, planning, re-engineering, data sharing, etc. We expect ideas, insights and constructive criticism.

Sharing of Information

The sharing of proprietary information is necessary to engage in value added relationships. For this reason Neil Jones Food Company requires all of its suppliers to sign a non-disclosure agreement agreeing to protect all proprietary information that it gathers during the course of business.

Supplier Facilities Audits

Suppliers are expected to maintain proper manufacturing/shipping standards at all times. This includes the proper documentation, safety, sanitation, and materials handling policies to ensure that all products produced for the Neil Jones Food Company are of best quality, consistency and reliability. New suppliers or new facilities supplying the Neil Jones Food Company may require an audit by one or more employees of the company. Potential suppliers are expected to bear the cost of travel-related expenses in the approval of their facilities. Business travel and accommodations should be not be excessive in nature as this will be viewed as attempting to bias an auditor. Air travel is to be Coach or Business Class. Car rental shall be mid-size car or smaller. Rooms shall not exceed $100/night except in those places where cheaper rates are not practical.

Business Related Event Policy

We recognize that there will be instances in the normal course of business when it will be appropriate for a Neil Jones Food Company employee to accept invitations from suppliers or potential suppliers for events that would normally be considered social or recreational. Given the fact that in many instances business is discussed at these events and that valuable business relationships can be developed, there will be occasions where attendance at such events will be in the best interests of the company. It is critical that participation in such events only take place when discussion of business-related issues or business-relationship development is expected to be a primary result of the participation, and when Management approves participation.

Sample Requests

Neil Jones Food Company policy states that suppliers shall furnish product samples at no cost. Product samples are meant for evaluation or testing purposes only. Samples will not be requested for approved formula production runs. Exceptions to this policy may only be made by written authorization of the Director of Purchasing or the Corporate Controller. Thank you for adhering to the policies outlined above and for your valued contribution as a supply partner of the Neil Jones Food Company.