Cinnamon Pear & Pecan Sticky Buns

Posted May 9th, 2017

Need a great idea for a sweet Mom’s Day Surprise?

Tomato Basil Soup

Posted March 19th, 2013

Roasted Tomato Basil Soup is one of my all time favorites. I love the added flavor the roasted tomatoes and fresh basil add to this soup. Don’t be intimidated by the “roasting” part of the recipe. Roasting tomatoes is so easy and really brings out the best flavor. This soup is super easy to make and it freezes well-trust us, we know:)

Tuscan Salad

Posted March 19th, 2013

This salad is a great way to use up leftover or slightly stale bread. The original is typically made with red wine vinegar and the saltless bread found throughout Tuscany. Our version has a light lemon vinaigrette and cucumbers added for another dimension. This is one appetizer that everyone will love. With a prep time of only 15 mins and that fact that is serves up to 6 people I’m sure this appetizer will be one you default to time and time again.

Caprese Flatbread

Posted March 19th, 2013

I have your recipe for the weekend! Put down the phone… or computer… there is no need to order pizza! I have a recipe that will absolutely knock your socks off. I have been on a major pizza kick ever since I got my standing mixer for Christmas (hmmm… months of eating pizza is probably not the BEST thing for me…)