Using fresh tomatoes that are packed within hours after being pulled from the vine, Old California Pouch tomatoes are safer for the environment and more effective than canned packaging. Using a special multilayer film designed to keep oxygen-sensitive tomato products fresher, these products offer great flavor and reduce disposal costs as well as kitchen worker cuts.

Video Transcription

Hi. I’m Taylor, with the Neil Jones Food Company. I’d like to tell you a little bit more about the many advantages of our pouch tomato products. Our Old California family of pouch tomato products always packed from fresh tomatoes, just hours off the vine. The innovative packaging provides better shelf life, takes up less space than cans, and gives you nearly 90% more space in the trash. Our pouches are made with a multilayer film specially designed for oxygen-sensitive products, like tomatoes. This film provides flavor and color protection, and an easy-open tear notch.

Let’s talk about carbon footprint. Our Old California Pouches eliminate 90% of CO2 emissions and packaging weight of the traditional #10 can. They also take up 30% less space, so this means less energy wasted, fewer trucks on the road, and less in the landfill. In addition to these advantages, our pouches are safer and they save you time. No sharp edges and no labor-intensive can openers make Old California the smart restaurant operator’s best choice.

With Old California tomato products, you get less mess, less waste, and more value. With products that taste this good, why would you want anything else?